Tweeters spy comedy gold in CIA’s ‘best first tweet ever’!/billychasen/status/474975580686135296


The Central Intelligence Agency is now on Twitter. For confirmation of that, do not ask the Central Intelligence Agency:!/CIA/status/474971393852182528


Ah, self awareness!!/BiasedGirl/status/474984658568876032!/NGC/status/474972444042620928!/Doc_0/status/474974731175604224!/JamesSkerritt/status/474975454395244544



Tweeters have been having an epic time joking about the CIA joining Twitter:!/hale_razor/status/474977160495505408!/BecketAdams/status/474973644578643968!/gripemaster/status/474975475358793728!/edatpost/status/474975883502305281!/JaredHalpern/status/474975561228771329



[“We can neither confirm nor deny that this is our first tweet”-@CIA]


“Good start?”


“Mine was better.”– Alex Howard (@digiphile) June 06, 2014





Good to know!


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