World’s 23 best cities for street food


(CNN)Sidewalk vendors, push carts, holes in a wall – even in cities with rich reputations for fine dining, some of the best meals are on the streets.

Places like Hong Kong have blurred the line between haute cuisine and quick comfort food, as humble dim sum diners win Michelin stars.
That’s still the exception, but most chefs on the street aren’t looking for that kind of recognition.
They’re cooking for crowds who pack around their stands day after day.
Here are the 23 best cities in the world for street food, from quick snacks to moveable feasts.

Bangkok, Thailand










Much of Beijing’s street food is now available off the streets and in organized food courts, where customers buy a card that they load with cash and swipe at each vendor.
The Jiumen Snack Street, surprisingly well-hidden among the narrow paths of the hutongs around Houhai lake, hosts many of the vendors who once shouted at patrons on the sidewalk.
Now they shout at patrons in a building.
They claim to offer 200 kinds of snacks, drinks and desserts, but that could be a low count.
Many of the same dishes are on offer on Wangfujing Snack Street, a pedestrian way that includes a night market and lots of food on sticks, including unusual nibbles like scorpions and seahorses.
Both places offer foods from all over China, including spicy Sichuan dishes and steaming bowls of noodles.
Wangfujing offers the bonus of souvenir shopping, making it popular with both foreign and domestic tourists.

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