Starving Puppy Dives Into Campfire To Grab Food, Rescuers Find Her In Pain

Mockingjay was just a tiny puppy when she suffered a terrible accident.

She was so starving and desperate, that when she saw a chicken bone in an untended campfire, she went for it. She suffered burns all over her face, her legs, and her paws.

When she arrived at Soi Dog Foundation’s shelter in Thailand, she was in unbearable pain. The amount of skin that had been seared by the flame was huge. However, she didn’t give in to the pain, or give up on life.

The people at the foundation took care of her wounds and showed her love for the first time in her life. As the burns healed and became less and less painful, Mockingjay’s personality began to show through even more.

If it weren’t for organizations like Soi Dog Foundation, so many sweet, loving creatures would go completely unnoticed. Just imagine if little Mockingjay had been left to suffer out on the streets without any care. It’s extremely likely that her wounds would have gotten infected, or that she would grow too weary from pain and give up hope.

Luckily, this little one has found a forever home with a family in England, and will never have to suffer such needless pain again. She certainly won’t ever be hungry enough to leap into flames again, that’s for sure.

But, there are still many other dogs and cats just like Mockingjay that need your help. You can learn more about how you can contribute by visiting Soi Dog Foundations’Facebookpage andwebsite.

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