Protective Kitten Refuses To Let Her Owner Anywhere Near Her Food

I‘ve always had a saying since I was a kid. You can borrow and take anything you’d like from me – except for my food.

If I go out to eat with a friend and ask if they want to order something with me and they say no, you can bet I will not share if they change their mind once my delicious-looking food is on the table. I asked for a reason!

There are plenty of food items that are made almost perfectly to share, but I don’t like to share them. Especially not french fries! So I can’t blame this kitten’s reaction to protecting her food.

Little Margo is like most kittens, using her tiny meow to cry and get something to eat. Her owner quickly obliges and delivers the precious kitten some wet food.

But when Margo digs into her meal, her owners realize that their little girl is actually very protective. It makes sense, when you’re that little, you need to stick up for yourself even more.

She doesn’t let anyone get close to her food, not even the people who gave it to her! You can see all of her cuteness in the video below.

If you thought this kitten was adorable, you will also love this little one playing a game of hide-and-seek with their owner!

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