Obama’s Bain fail + teachable moment about Obama’s job experience equals comedy gold


Team Obama has suffered major setbacks recently in their quest to slam private equity. And even Obama surrogates have pointed out how the attacks on Bain are “crap and nauseating.” Never learning from their mistakes, they continue to push the failing narrative – while vilifying those who disagree. They step in it further by failing to explain why, if Bain is so awful, does Obama gladly take their money?

“Egads! Someone who is extremely successful is running for President! The horror!” Yeah, that’s a winning argument, Team Obama.

Conservatives on Twitter respond, pointing out that Mitt Romney’s actual job creating experience is far superior to the “community organizer” experience that has resulted in horrendous unemployment and a stagnant economy.

And #Obamajobexperience was born. Let’s see what President Obama’s “experience” has wrought.

installed an oppressive theocracy opposed to American values.. in Egypt. #ObamaJobExperience

– el Sooper (@SooperMexican) May 22, 2012

Voted “present” #ObamaJobExperience

– Right Wing NutJob (@buszero) May 22, 2012

#ObamaJobExperience making tragically unfunny #Conservatives post “jokes” on twitter with hashtags like this one.

– Cassandra Duffy (@SapphicPixie) May 22, 2012

Knows how to count “saved” jobs. #ObamaJobExperience

– Rschrim (@Rschrim) May 22, 2012

#ObamaJobExperience Tribal Organizer (when he was a Cherokee)

– The Morning Spew (@TheMorningSpew) May 22, 2012

Tee hee! Fauxcahontas, the sequel.

Partied with Marxists in college #ObamaJobExperience

– Gabriella Hoffman (@Gabby_Hoffman) May 22, 2012

Created composite girlfriend #ObamaJobExperience

– AG (@AG_Conservative) May 22, 2012

Obama’s experience wasting money at Annenburg Challenge was repeated with Solyndra and the stimulus. #ObamaJobExperience

– RB (@RBPundit) May 22, 2012

Never had to create or meet a budget. #ObamaJobExperience

– RB (@RBPundit) May 22, 2012

#ObamaJobExperience Still hasn’t run a lemonade stand yet, but has created enough regulation so no one else can either.

– Dan Stover (@Daniel_Stover) May 22, 2012

#ObamaJobExperience Exotic food and dog taster.

– Rob (@robg_here) May 22, 2012

Seriously, never gets old.

#ObamaJobExperience Gave Chris Matthews a tingle.

– Lance from OK (@lhighter) May 22, 2012

making food stamps the new U.S. currency… #ObamaJobExperience

– Trevor Sheehan (@trevorsheehan_) May 22, 2012

*crickets* #ObamaJobExperience

– RB (@RBPundit) May 22, 2012


Keep them coming, Twitter. It’s a nice Teachable Moment ™ for Team Obama. Again.

#ObamaJobExperience Lots of original and clever jokes in this hashtag. Conservatives are WAY funnier than those uptight lefties. #tcot

– stefan (@boring_as_heck) May 22, 2012

Yep. And, trending!

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2012/05/22/obamas-bain-fail-teachable-moment-about-obamas-job-experience-equals-comedy-gold/

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