How To: Instagram Your Vacation Like A Betch

Every betch loves a vacation and wants the world to know it. But with social media there is a fine line between letting the world know you’re drinking tropical drinks at 10am on a beach in the middle of winter and being that Instagram whore that posts wayyyy too much that it doesn’t even seem fun anymore. Here are some foolproof tips to make sure that you’re making the most of the posts that you DO put up.

  • For every selfie you post make sure you have at least one landscape photo.

    Its easy to get caught up in the fact that you look amazing in in your chic European wardrobe or bathing suit or whatever but make sure you keep at least an equal ratio of location pictures. You’re worldly and everyone already knows you’re hot. It doesn’t count as a landscape if you’re posing in front of something btdubbs.

  • Keep the same filter style the whole trip.

    There is something to be said for a nice uniformed look when your frenemy creeps your insta. It’s a little detail but it helps make it look like you’re not spending too much time on your social media and they just all happen to look amazing.

  • Steer clear of posting stupid airplane photos.

    Everyone knows that’s what snapchat is for. No one care that you’re drinking on the plane- everyone does. Also this goes for the hot dog as legs photos. As tempting as it is to post these everyone and their mother has and it’s just old/stupid/done.

  • Keep the food pictures to a MINIMUM.

    We ALL eat for the insta at least once but no one needs to see that. Keep the pictures of the fresh Italian pasta to one if you must. We know you’re eating it but you don’t need to give that girl that’s constantly competing with you a reason to spread that you’ve gained three pounds on vacation.

  • Remember you can always #TBT

    There will always be way too many photos that you will want to take and post but don’t overload your Instagram for this one trip- especially if there is a time zone difference. No one wants to wake up on a Wednesday morning and have to scroll through seven photos of your vacation no matter who they are. But always take the picture- you can always keep it for later.

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