10 Recipes That Surprisingly Involve Fireball Whisky

People either love or hate Fireball – there is no middle of the road.The quintessential cinnamon flavored whisky is basically Big Red gum in liquid form.

Most commonly taken as a shot, or mixed with apple cider for an extra boozy fall drink, Fireball is a drink that can be dressed up, or had alone.

We have great news for Fireball fanatics: You can have your shots and eat them too.

The distinctive whisky can be used as a surprising ingredient forbreakfast, lunch and dinner recipes. Similar to this champagne cupcake recipe and Coca-Cola infused chicken wings, Fireball kicks your typical recipe up a few notches

You get the perfect balance of that cinnamon bang that wont take away from the food itself. As they say, if you cant take the heat, stay out of the kitchen.

However, if you can take the heat, add some Fireball to your next meal! Here are some ways to cook with a little extra fire!

Fireball Apple Pie


An easy add-on if youre already making apple pie. Soak the apples in the whisky for four hours before you begin putting the pie together to bake.

Whisky-Glazed Cinnamon Rolls


Fireball whisky caramel sauce drizzled onto cinnamon rolls is the perfect way to make boozy brunch even better! Simply add cup of Fireball to the icing ingredients when boiling them all together.

Fireball BBQ Chicken


This recipe is a fun twist on the wings youre probably already making for the next big football game. All you have to do is add Fireball to the rub.

Fireball Chocolate Chip Cookies


A new twist on an old favorite! Simply add some whisky to the cookie dough.

Fireball Whisky Meatballs


Next time you have spaghetti and meatballs, add some Fireball to the ground meat, and ditch the pasta for some bacon to wrap around this savory side.

Hard Apple Cider Bread Pudding With Cinnamon Whisky Drizzle


Another great twist on dessert, similar to the whiskey cinnamon rolls above. Here, add hard cider to the bread pudding mix, and add fireball to the drizzle.

Cinnamon Whisky Pumpkin Pie


(image can be screencap from video?) Thanksgiving dessert just got better. With this pie, add Fireball to the pie filling. The best part is you throw the pie on the grill to cook for a more smokey flavor!

Candied Fireball Whisky Nuts


These are great to serve during cocktail hour as something to munch on with a Fireball mixed drink! After boiling the rest of the ingredients together, add Fireball and let them cool! If you enjoy Fireball,SHAREthis link with your friends!

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