Teen Begs For Food Outside Of A Restaurant, Then A Stranger Decides To Help Him Get A Job

Most of us knowwhat it’s like to go through difficult times and to need a little bit of help to get to the other side.

Sometimes, it’s even the kindness of complete and total strangers that makes the difference during these tough days.

Michigan musician George Moss was walking by a Jersey Mike’s restaurant when a teen boy named Kewhawn asked him for help in getting some food.

Instead of walking on by, Moss treated Kewhawn to lunch.

Over the meal, Kewhawn shared his story with Moss. He needed help not just for himself, but so that he could do more for his siblings and his mother.

It was then that Moss helped him write his very first resum to start him on a better path.

After they parted, Moss shared Kewhawn’s story on Facebook in the hopes that it would help the teen get a job (maybe even at Jersey Mike’s!).


Husband and father George Moss is big on compassion. A quick trip to his Facebook will show inspirational and kind content that has attracted a few different crowdsto the musician’s page.


So when Moss saw a teen boy politely asking for help outside of a Michigan Jersey Mike’s location, it was a no-brainer that he would stop and speak to him.

The teen’s name was Kewhawn and Moss invited him inside for lunch.


As he explains in his Facebook post, Kewhawn and his family weregoing through a tough time and just needed some help getting food.


Instead of just buying lunch for Kewhawn, Moss did him one better. He sat with the teen and put together a resum for him. That way he could make enough money to eat and to help support his family.


Moss’s Facebook post sharing Kewhawn’s story has attracted a lot of attention and, as Moss hoped, looks to be leading to a job for the young man.


It just goes to show how a few minutes of your time and attention can change someone else’s life. Thank goodness for people like George Moss!

PleaseSHAREthis amazing story with everyone you know to encourage others to be as kind as Moss.

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