11 Things You Should Never Do While Ordering Food From A Drive-Thru

I‘ve had my share of jobs in the food industry, but none were quite as taxing as working at a fast food restaurant. Most people think the employees behind the register and working in the kitchen are only givenmindless tasks, but things can get stressful especially during the lunch or dinner rush.

In fact, I ended up leaving my last drive-thru gig for the calmer world of retail when one too many customers treated me and my coworkers with so much disrespect that I just couldn’t stand it anymore. That said, it really doesn’t take much to make the process go much smoother for everyone involved.

Whether it’s a teen given their first real job or a long-time manager, there is no excuse for taking your pent up aggression out on them or simply neglecting basic human kindness. Just because they’re wearing a uniform doesn’t make them any less of a person than you are.

Take a look at theworst offenses below and let us know in the comments if we missed anyother big no-nos.

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1. Yelling Into The Speaker


Unless they request that you speak up, your normal volume will more than suffice. In fact, chances are they can hear you “whispering” to your passenger, so make sure you aren’t saying anything you wouldn’t want them to overhear until you’ve gotten your food.

2. Blowing Smoke


Remember when restaurants had a smoking section and they had to get rid of them because the non-smokers complained? That applies to fast food workers, too!

3. Dumping Old Drinks


I know you want to make space in your cup holder, but that method will end up attracting ants and other nasty bugs which can end up invading the kitchen.

4. Dawdling On Your Decision


Believe me, I’m as indecisive as they come, but spending more than a few minutes making your choice will only lead to frustration for everyone involved and probably some angry horns being honked in your direction.

5. Arguing Over The Price


Unless you have a coupon, employees have literally zero control over how much something costs. If it’s really bothering you to shell out a few more pennies, try your luck taking it up with the proper channels at their corporate office.

6. Abandoning Your Credit Card


Customers are often so anxious to start chowing down that they totally blank on getting their credit card back from the cashier, so be sure to take a moment and make sure it’s back in your wallet where it belongs.

7. Talking On Your Phone


This is rude on both ends of the conversation: Your friends don’t want to wait around while you go through your transaction, andit’stotally demeaning to the employee at the windows. You can wait.

8. Placing Large Orders Just Before Closing Time


Most restaurants begin breaking down sections of the kitchen slowly as they inch closer to closing time, so ordering massive amounts of grub will cause them to not only stay longer after already putting in long hours, but they’ll also have to dirty up the dishes and cookware they’ve already taken time to clean.

9. Blasting Your Radio


Even if you’re done ordering, it can mess with their ability to hear the next customer or communicate with you when you get to the window to collect your food.

10. Excessive Order Editing


After you’ve ordered three or four things, don’t go back to tweak one of the initial ones or remove it form the list and further complicate things.It just takes a little extra effort to be more prepared and you won’t end up with mixed up items.

11. Using Windshield Wipers At The Window


Not only is the employee in the splash zone as you pull up, but your food could be sprayed with icky germs and anti-freeze. If it’s raining too hard to turn them off for a moment, maybe just stick with what you have in your fridge rather than going out at all.

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And check out the video below to see some hilariously dedicated drive-thru fans make their way to a McDonald’s despite some pesky floodwaters.

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