You Didn’t Watch The Pro Bowl, So Check Out The Best Tweets Of The Evening

For years, Pro Bowl ratings have been tanking, so it’s safe to assume you probably didn’t tune in to the latest edition of the least important game on the NFL calendar.

But, as is usually the case nowadays, Twitter was most definitely watching. From highlight-reel catches to Odell Beckham Jr.’s dance party of one, there were plenty of moments worthy of viewers’ attention – and retweets.

I’m still not sure who won, and I couldn’t care less, but in any case, here are the best bits from the 2016 Pro Bowl.

New York Giants wideout Odell Beckham Jr. was in his typical pregame mood…

…but he wasn’t the only one busting out the moves in Hawaii’s Aloha Stadium.

Of course, there were selfie sticks involved in the NFL’s all-star game…

…and, yes, Richard Sherman seemingly tried to hit Clay Matthews with a wrestling move to break the Internet.

What do ya know, Odell found the most unlikely dance partner on the field…

…but Los Angeles Rams punter Johnny Hekker didn’t appear all that impressed by Travis Kelce and Beckham’s performance.

There was some actual football played last night, like when Allen Robinson put the moves on Jason Verrett…

…and when Derek Carr found T.Y. Hilton with a beautiful touchdown pass.

Actually, the above play didn’t even count, but this Jameis Winston snap from center unfortunately did.

Don’t worry, though, there was some NFL normalcy when Eli Manning threw an interception.

ESPN’s Skip Bayless clearly wasn’t a fan of the Pro Bowl shenanigans…

…and Kenny Mayne decided his Sunday night would be better spent eating Chinese food.

By a show of hands, how many of y’all chose “Grease: Live” instead of the NFL Pro Bowl?

In case you were wondering, Russell Wilson threw three touchdowns and was crowned Pro Bowl Offensive MVP.

In the end, not that you care, Team Irvin beat Team Rice 49-27 in the most meaningless sporting event of the weekend.

Bonus: Here’s Sean Taylor reminding us all he never took a day off, not even in a Pro Bowl.

Is it time to start drinking for the Super Bowl yet?

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