Teen Addicted To Junk Food Weighs 324 Pounds, Then He Sheds Half His Body Weight

Weight loss stories are some of the best transformations out there. Not because of the way the person looks, butbecause of the lifestyle the person is now able to live.

Over one-third of Americans are obese, and it’s a lifestyle that is hard to change.

People can become addicted to food, and often circumstances drive them to their position.

So when the teen you’re about to meet, Austin, stepped on a scale and it read 324 pounds, he knew it was time for a change. He didn’t want to feel the way he did anymore, and he knew that his junk food addiction was affecting his health.

He ended up sticking to his decision to change, and he lost over half his body weight.

Now he looks unrecognizable.

But his journey wasn’t over there. With his massive weight loss, he found that even though he was fit and healthy, he had pounds of excess skin on his body.

In the video below, TV showThe Doctors helps him get tothe final step, and it turns out exactly how he’d hoped.

For him to put in all this effort and change his life for the better, he definitely deserves the help hegets. He is an inspiration to so many!

Bullies better watch their mouths, because now they’re the ones looking to Austin for help!

Due to restrictions, this video cannot

be viewed in your region.

Originally found athttp://littlethings.com/

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