Americans Waste $80,000 In Their Lifetime, But One Food Company Is Going To Change All That

I think we can all admit that at least in one moment of our lives, we’ve thrown away something that was perfectly usable and still very good. But it turns out that when you combine everyone together, you’re talking about billions and billions of pounds of food being tossed into the garbage for no real reason at all!

Americans used to conserve food like their lives depended on it, and that’s because it might very well have! But since the days of The Great Depression, food has become easily available, and thus our waste of it has seemed less and less horrible.

But it turns out that Americans are realizing just how wasteful we are, and some truly unique ideas are being invented that are hoping to curb such waste. A company called “Sun Basket” has been made that helps to supply people with ready-made meals that have only the ingredients you need for that specific meal. No more and no less!

Adam Zbar, CEO of food and recipe delivery company, Sun Basket, which commissioned the research, said: “Despite our best intentions, Americans waste over 130 billion pounds of food each year. I used to always cook too much food for holiday parties since I never wanted anyone to go home hungry. As a result, I often was left with tons of leftovers, which is where food waste can occur.

An important reason why I started Sun Basket was to help reduce this food waste by providing only what you need to prepare healthy, organic meals – no more, no less, said Zbar.

Sounds pretty interesting, and hopefully this’ll help slow down the huge waste of food and increase responsibility!

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