It Doesnt Look So Bad In The First Image, But By The End Im Sure This Is A Really Bad Idea

It’s like watching some kind of bizarre growth. What you’re seeing: The Athabasca tar sands are a humungous (almost 55,000 square miles) deposit of oil-coated sand lying just under the boreal forests and peat bogs of Alberta, Canada. Mining companies extract the oil by digging up the sand in

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We Are Now 20% Closer To An NSYNC Reunion

1. Earlier this week, Joey Fatone tweeted his support for an NSYNC reunion… View this image ‘ You rock, Joey. Thank you. Now let’s take a look at the *official* odds of each member joining the v. important cause. 3. Lance Bass: 100% chance he’d do it. View this image ‘ Lance is

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They Threw This Goat In A Tiger’s Den To Be Food But What Happened Is So Awesome

Before goats are thrown into the den of Primorsky Safari Park’s Siberian tiger’s cage, zoo staffers say goodbye. They don’t grow attached or even name them, as the animals are swiftly eaten — it’s the circle of life. All attempts to run by the goats are quickly proven futile as Amur pounces on

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How To Make Red Bean Paste Persimmon Cakes-Asian Food recipes

Sweet Red Bean Paste Persimmon Cakes Recipe @ Azuki Red Bean Paste Fried Chinese Persimmon Cakes. Fuyu Persimmon Cookies-Bread.

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