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What This Guy Discovered At His Local Petco Turns My Stomach. Seriously, This Is Just Wrong.

If pet stores must exist, they should be a positive and inviting place, full of healthy animals that are given the love and attention they deserve. Many families use pet stores as a way to adopt a new member of the family (or maybe just learn about animals in the world around them). What it

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25 Awesome Body Hacks Life Is Trying To Hide From You

Our modern fast-moving lifestyle, unhealthy eating habits, excessive stress, sleep deficiency, lack of sport and physical activities and many other factors negatively influence our health both physically and mentally. Most of us cannot change our everyday habits overnight but what we can do is

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After Seeing This, I Don’t Even Want To Move Anymore. Give Me A Bubble To Live In, Please.

Germs are everywhere. There’s really nothing you can do to avoid them. Sure, you could live in a sterilized orb like Jake Gyllenhaal in Bubble Boy, but that’d be almost as isolating as seeing that movie in theaters. You can, however, limit your exposure to germs. If you want to keep the bacteria

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