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6 New Beauty Trends That Will Make You Scream, ‘Absolutely Not’

Its always nice to scroll through Instagram for four hours at a time while spring is in bloom,the birds are singing and the sun is shining (or whatever it does. I wouldnt know I havent been outside in months.)

But if you check out a few of the recentbeauty accounts, youll find some new trends that are frightening enough to make you want to take to the streets.

Seriously, after seeing these new beauty trends, I did not feel safe being alone in my house.

In fact, if youre alone reading this, do yourself a favor and hide the knives:

1. Glitter undercuts

This is unacceptable.

You look like a Care Bearcame on your neck. I dont care how whimsical you feel in your heart, and I dont care if youre living your truth.

Your truth is dumb, and so is this hairstyle.

How about, instead of covering your scalp in henna patterns and glitter, you just tattoo IM ON MOLLY to your forehead?

2. Pubic hair shaving stencils

I mean, not only is this absurd as fuck, but its also offensive. Im not trying to turn my entire vagina into confetti.

Please do not assume I have the time or the skill set to shave my pubes in an extravagant Edward Scissorhands design.

Ravia, a Japanese brand, created these little stencils for your public hair so you can turn your pubesinto a gross arts and crafts project.

Also, please do not assume (correctly) that I HAVE enough bush to work with.

This isnt 1970 (it is, down there), and my pubes are not an overgrown forest (they are).

3. Feather eyebrows

Feather eyebrows are all over the internet right now, and I am living in fear over their inevitable appearance in my everyday life.

I love the fact that bushy brows are back, but do we need to take everything to such an animated level?

Like, do our eyebrows really need to look like they might fly off of our foreheads?

Nope, I dont think so.

4. Edible nail polish

Edible nail polish is great if youre hungry and you want your meals with a side of hepatitis.

Walking around with your fingers in your mouth all day is for toddlers, and walking around with food on your hands that you can resist eating all day is for people who hate themselves.

If you do it at all, do it for the Gram and for nothing else.

5. Body contouring

As much as I hate working out, its probably more efficient (and less degrading)than painting a new body onto your body.

Watching this video was like watching Trump win the election.

I just kept asking myself, How did we get here? Is this real? Am I dead? while blinking back the tears.

6. Lip sprinkles

So, hold up.

Am I just supposed to believe that covering my lips in glue and rainbow sprinkles is a summery new look that everyone will love?

No, not today and not ever. Actually, not even at Coachella.

You are not the famous makeup artist Pat McGrath, and you are not on a runway.

This is real life, and you look like you just got caught binging on condiments for children.

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6 Tips For Throwing The Perfect Halloween Party That May Or May Not Apply, Depending On Your Group Of Friends And Their Preferences

Youre just six steps away from an unforgettable Halloween bash. Just keep in mind not all of these pointers are for everyone!

1. Have a really awesome theme: The best Halloween parties are the ones that have a great theme and stick to it, unless thats just not a thing your friends would be into. Is it ghosts and ghouls? Or zombie apocalypse? Or maybe your party is the fourth one of the night for your friends, and they dont want to spend money on multiple costumes. In that case, maybe a theme isnt the way to go. Just ask around, and youll be good to go!

2. Fire up some spooky music: Nothing sets the mood like some classic Monster Mash. However, its entirely possible that your attendees would actually favor a playlist of pop hits to just generally hang out to. No worries, then! Just do whats best for you and everyone thats planning on coming, and youll surely still have a great time, right?

3. If youre not into decorations, you can probably just skip this one: Jack-o-lanterns, skeletons, and spiderwebs will all add to the experience of a scary party if thats a thing your partygoers would prefer. You know your social group better than we do, so before you blindly take these suggestions, maybe you should simply think about how this will enhance or diminish the experience for your friends specifically. Its really not even that hard and would probably be the best tip we could give, anyway.

4. Make sure to have a mix of really fun party games: Look, were really generalizing here. Is this suggestion for everyone? No. Only you know if your friends will be excited to bob for apples or whatever. We cant make individual lists for every goddamn reader so, surprise: Youre going to have to do a little work, too, and decide if this one is right for your gathering.

5. Prepare some festive candy-corn cupcakes, or if you hate candy corn or if your friend Alicia has celiac or if you would rather make chocolate cupcakes or if your apartment has a weird gas smell or if you dont have the time or if your coworker is in charge of the food or if you think youd mess up the recipe really badly or if you made these last year and dont want to be typecast as a person who is always making candy-corn cupcakes, or for any of the other infinite disqualifying reasons, do absolutely nothing: Nothing like a sweet treat to bring a Halloween party to the next level.

6. Dont have the party if your friends dont like to party on Halloween: We shouldnt have to say this, but you dont have to throw a party at all. Why did you even read this list if you know your crew hates Halloween? What the hell is wrong with you? Please close this tab, power down your computer, and throw it in the ocean. Thanks.

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This Is What Lives Inside Your Mouth

Steve Gschmeissner is an unusual photographer. Most take incredible shots of the very big, from incredible wildlife to epic volcanic eruptions, and even panoramas of other worlds. This particular British documentarian, however, is an expert in electron microscopy, a technique that allows anyone who wields it to take images of the very, very small.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is a good idea, but not all bacteria are bad for you. Steve Gschmeissner/SPL

He has decided to turn a scanning electron microscope on himself, using it to showcase the ecosystems of bacteria thatlive within his own mouth. The images here are falsely colored, and have been magnified up to 10,000 times. All the bacteria pictured can be found on your teeth, tongue, cheeks and saliva glands.

On average, there are an estimated 100 to 200 different species of bacteria quite happily residing in our dental repositories, many of which are anything but harmful several of them actually help in the digestion of our food.

Our mouths are essentially comfortable, resource-rich forests for these little critters. Steve Gschmeissner/SPL

There are 700 different strains of bacteria that we know of that can thrive in our mouths, and only a few, including Streptococcus mutans and Porphyromonas gingivalis, cause problems. These two nasty fellows cause tooth decay and serious gum disease, respectively.

Photo Gallery

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10 Ways To Prevent Yourself From Overindulging On Thanksgiving

Worried about overeating on Thanksgiving? Well, there’s no need to worry.

Stay calm, and read these10 ways you canprevent yourself from overindulging this holiday:

1. Refrain from drinking alcohol before eating.

Do you remember those drunken nights out when you can’t help but indulge in burgers and friesat 4 am, and ittastes extraordinary?


Drinking alcohol can lower your self-control and increase your appetite.

Trust me; you don’t want it to happen on Thanksgiving.

If you drink before eating anything, these cravings will surface even faster.

2. Choose clothes wisely.

Don’t wear clothes that are too loose.

Instead, wear clothes that are comfortable, but also reasonably constricting around the waist.

That way, you can be aware of what’s going on with your body as you eat.

You will be able to tell how much you’ve eaten compared to your intake on an average day, and hopefully, you’ll stop before any button is broken.

3. Drink lots of water.

Drinking water is not only good for hydrating your body, but it can also prevent you from being instarvation mode and subsequently eating more than you should.

As an extra bonus,it helps you with digestion and skin problems in the long-term.

4. Brush your teeth.

It’s common to brush your teeth after meals, asit gives you a fresh tastein your mouth and helps you avoid snacking.

So, you can totally apply this to a Thanksgiving meal.

As they say, nothing tastes that good with toothpaste lingering in your mouth.

5. Have all of the food on your plate.

If you get all the food you want on your plate, you can have a balanced meal.

This will also make youwatch how much you eat by counting the number of times you finish your plate completely.

By using this method, you can also try everything in moderation and know if your meal is healthyenough.

6. Eat slowly.

Eating slowly is not only good for your digestion, but it can also trick your brain into thinking you are eating a lot.

This will prevent you from adding more to your plate.

It’s best to match people’s eating speeds so you don’t finish too early compared to everyone else.

You also won’t have to rush yourself whenthe rest of the table isgetting up.

Plus, ifyou eat slowly, you can actually enjoy the food for how delicious itis, instead of how much you can eat.

7. Chat with people.

Like eating slowly, if you chat with other people, it will remove your focus away from eating and slow down your speed.

Moreover, you are bound to eat the same amount as the people aroundyou, ifyou actively engage with them during the meal.

Thus, with this logic, your best strategy is to sit next to someone with the similar body type and size as you, preferably someone who eats healthy.

8. Sit away from high-calorie food.

If fruits and vegetables are sitting in front of you, you will be prone to choosing them over the high-calorie food that isplaced far away from you.

Plus, by the time you finish the healthy dishes, you might already feel too full to have too much of the high-calorie food.

9. Stop before you feel too full.

The most horrible feeling is eating untilyou’re so full, you have trouble breathing. Don’t make this mistake.

As soon as your body signals to you it’s had enough, stop immediately.

If necessary, get up from the table, and do something else. You will thank yourself later.

10. Have the right mindset.

There are two things you need to remember to prep yourself forbefore and during the day.

Firstly, a Thanksgiving meal is just like any other meal.

Second, it’s okay to eat a bit more than usual.

The logic behind this is if you treat this day as a super special day and think it’s your last or once-in-a-year chance to have certain kinds of food, you will be much more likely to have the urge to eat as much as you can.

On the other hand, if you are too extreme about restricting food on the day, just like any other crash diet, your mental energy will quickly be drained.

By dinner time, you will overcompensate by eating whatever is in sight.

Even ifit’s your favorite holiday, it’s also just another Thursday, and you can cook Thanksgiving food any day of the year if you’d like.

It’s a holiday, so just accept you will eat more than usual, and know it’s okay to do so.

Don’t beat yourself up too much. There’s always tomorrow to work on losing the weight.

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